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Reidsville, NC HVAC Repair

North Carolina is known for a lot of things– and a great climate is one of them. With all of the great weather we get here, though, we also get our fair share of hot, humid summers and harsh, cold winters– even more so sometimes than some of our southern and northern counterparts. Reidsville, NC sits at the heart of that weather– and in our years of servicing the city and its property owners, we know one thing for sure: it definitely takes its toll on HVAC units around the region. Having served Reidsville and the surrounding area for as long as we have, we’ve come to find that regular preventative maintenance for HVAC equipment like AC units, heat pumps and condenser coils doesn’t just help keep these machines in top shape for longer– it also boosts indoor air quality, drives energy bills down, and keeps homes comfortable and well-insulated.

Done right, preventative maintenance for your HVAC system can be an easy, affordable, reliable way to get the most life out of your heating and air conditioning units. With over 30 years of experience providing top notch service for all kinds of air conditioning and heating systems, we’re well equipped to provide the preventative maintenance your heating equipment and cooling equipment needs to continue to perform with high efficiency.

The importance of preventative maintenance for your air conditioner

In Reidsville, when it gets hot, it gets really, really hot. With temperatures consistently reaching over ninety degrees in the warmer months of June, July, and August, air conditioning units in most households in and around the region get a good workout. Of the many steps homeowners can take to make sure their air conditioner stays in top shape, bringing on a certified technician to routinely check the system out is always the best first one. 

When it comes to the AC unit in particular, one of the most common protocols the experienced HVAC technician follows involves checking the electrical components of the unit. Like any machine that requires electricity to function, faulty wiring can be a time intensive, costly issue to fix if a homeowner waits until it becomes a problem. On top of that, faulty or damaged wiring can pose significant risks for homeowners and families that aren’t aware there’s a problem– or those that have pets or small children that may play near or around an outdoor air conditioning unit. During a routine preventative maintenance check, an HVAC contractor can spot and repair or replace damaged wiring before it leads to serious injury or costly repair. 

Along with identifying and repairing any electrical issues, preventative HVAC maintenance can optimize the energy efficiency ratio of your air conditioning unit by repairing and replacing any malfunctioning mechanical parts in the machine. While a filthy condenser coil, torn pulley or worn belt may not immediately prevent your unit from operating, these issues can drastically reduce the efficiency of even the most valuable machines– effectively forcing homeowners to throw away money on expensive bills when they don’t need to. Preventative maintenance from a knowledgeable technician takes care of the little details like cleaning the coils, replacing belts and pulleys, and even switching out in-home and exterior filters. This eliminates problems involving air flow, clogs, and low air quality that can disrupt or negatively impact in-home comfort levels.

Finally, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance for your air conditioner can help Reidsville homeowners find cost savings in areas of their air conditioning system that they may have never known were causing them to throw away money. From identifying an uneven or top-heavy air distribution system to finding ways to increase air recovery, preventative maintenance provides savvy HVAC contractors more opportunities to familiarize themselves with your duct systems and machinery– which means more opportunities for them to spot and fix flaws and drastically reduce energy costs.

Preventative maintenance for your heating system

On the other end of the spectrum, while it may not drop to single digits in Reidsville, NC all that often, winters can be pretty brisk and require much more from a heating unit than most homeowners likely imagine. 

Bringing on a trained technician to regularly maintain a heat pump system, furnace, ventilation system, and other heater-related components of an HVAC unit can be cost effective and incredibly valuable once winter creeps in and forces you to turn on the heat. Along with ensuring the electrical and mechanical components of the heating unit are functioning properly, a technician’s trained eye can help homeowners make the most out of their thermostats in the winter months by ensuring the machinery is calibrated properly. Additionally, a technician can ensure warm air doesn’t escape from the home through improperly sealed windows, doors, or air ducts. As temperatures drop, humidity does as well, and cooler outside air has more opportunity to slip through cracks and crevices in a home. Through regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, a technician can identify why and where unwanted outside air may be entering your home or warm air may be leaving your home, and repair the issue accordingly.

Creating your own preventative maintenance checklist

Here at Superior Mechanical, our technicians enjoy nothing more than giving homeowners and clients practical tips that can help keep them comfortable. Along with scheduling regular maintenance services with a trained HVAC professional, there are a number of simple steps homeowners can take on their own to ensure their HVAC system remains in mint condition during the months that matter most. Though Reidsville is unique in the weather it faces year round, this simple maintenance template can be applied both in the Reidsville region and virtually anywhere else!


On your own, you can:

  • Check for obstructions around your air unit.
  • Replace your air filters when your technician recommends it.
  • Check gas mains and propane levels regularly, particularly in the winter months.
  • Make frequent use of natural ventilation from windows and doors.
  • Use fans when possible to evenly distribute air flow and prevent heating and cooling systems from working so hard.

When combined with a regular, professional preventative maintenance schedule, these simple tips can help keep your HVAC systems in pristine shape for years. When you’re in need of quality maintenance services in the local Reidsville area, don’t hesitate to give our experienced contractors a call!

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