Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating is a renewable, clean, energy-efficient way to power your home. Once installed on your south-facing rooftops, solar panels can collect the thermal energy from the sun and use it to provide hot water, space heating, cooling, and pool heating. Since these technologies displace the need for electricity or natural gas, solar heating offers substantial long-term cost savings while simultaneously protecting the environment.

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A bright investment

With the price of fossil fuels expected to rise significantly in the next decade, renewable solar power is an excellent investment. Homeowners can expect to see a return on their solar heating investment in as little as 3 to 6 years. By allowing your household to generate a large portion of its own power, solar energy will provide substantial cost savings in the long run.

Join the solar heating movement

More and more Americans are seeing the advantages of solar heating, and rightly so. In 2010, the U.S. saw 35,464 solar water heating systems and 29,540 solar pool heating systems installed, heating a total of more than 65,000 homes, businesses and pools. With the help of Superior Mechanical, you can become part of the global movement for renewable, clean energy.

How Superior Mechanical helps

If you decide to invest in a solar heating system, we will first assess your home’s square footage to determine the optimal system needed. Then, we will install all the required elements, including the solar collector, insulation piping, hot water storage tank, and electronic controls. Once installed, your solar water heating system can be expected to provide a significant percentage (40 to 80 percent) of a building’s energy needs.

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