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If you’ve ever come home or woken up to a plumbing or HVAC emergency, you know that emergencies can’t be fit into a schedule. When an emergency happens, it can cause unnecessary stress and wreak havoc on a household. A properly functioning plumbing system, free from water leaks and other issues, is crucial to the smooth operation of everyday life. When emergency plumbing issues arise, having them repaired as quickly as possible becomes a top priority. That’s exactly what our 24-hour emergency plumbing repair service is for – to help you get out of a plumbing bind, and fast!

What starts as a small plumbing issue can easily become a full-blown emergency, impeding you from using the water, or causing flooding in your house. Please give our team of on-call master plumbers a call at (336) 498-7609 if you have a need for any of these emergency services:

  • Water Leak
  • Leaky Faucets
  • Leaky Toilets
  • Cracked or Broken Water Pipe
  • Running Toilets
  • Damaged Showers and Tubs
  • Clogged Drains
  • Broken Dishwashers
  • Broken or Leaking Refrigerator Lines
  • Broken Outdoor Spigots
  • Other Plumbing Emergencies

At Superior Mechanical, we pride ourselves on providing affordable, prompt, and quality emergency plumbing service to our loyal customers when they need it most. Please call us when you’re experiencing any of these residential plumbing emergencies in need of immediate repair. Not sure whether your issue qualifies as an emergency? Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

When you call us for 24-hour emergency plumbing repair in Greensboro or the Triad area, you will get immediate access to our licensed and experienced professionals as they assist you and your emergency in a professional and friendly matter.

The Premier 24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Greensboro, NC

Let’s say it’s 2:30 A.M. and a plumbing emergency strikes, but the repairs can’t wait till morning. Maybe a line broke and water is flooding, causing major water damage. Or you had frozen pipes that burst and need to be replaced. That’s where our 24-hour emergency plumbing repair service comes in! We are committed to being your 24-hour emergency service plumber that will meet your needs at any time of day or night! No matter what time your emergency occurs, our dedicated technicians will be there to respond to your service call and fix your emergency ASAP, so that you can get back to business as usual.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, or a septic system, we’ve got you covered with fast and professional service.

Our licensed and insured plumbers are here to help. With the necessary skills needed to provide emergency plumbing repair services quickly and efficiently, you can rest assured that they will get things back to fully functional operation in no time at all!

We can also help you prevent future emergencies by doing a thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing. Our inspections allow us to identify potential problems with your plumbing system, and suggest the correct maintenance so that you can avoid situations that could create an emergency down the line.

Quick & Reliable 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

The best way to deal with a residential or commercial plumbing emergency is to avoid the problems before they begin. Scheduling regular maintenance inspections for your plumbing system allows us to detect tiny leaks in your water line, potential backflow issues, and other plumbing related issues before they turn into full-fledged problems that require emergency plumbing repairs.

But emergencies happen, and it’s impossible to prevent all of them. So when you find yourself in the midst of a plumbing emergency, our trained, screened, and licensed emergency plumbers are ready to assist you in a professional and friendly manner when you need us most- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our plumbers are able to provide a wide range of plumbing services, such as:

  • Sewer cleaning and repair
  • Drain repair and replacement
  • Drain cleaning and buildup removal
  • Faucet replacement and repair
  • Sink line, pipeline, mainline and pipeline repair
  • Water heater repair
  • Piping and plumbing installations
  • And more!

Why Choose Superior Mechanical as your 24 Hour Emergency Plumber?

Superior Mechanical has been offering affordable and quality emergency plumbing services for the residents of Greensboro, NC and the Triad area for more than 30 years. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and in solving your emergency plumbing problems in a flash. 

  • Upfront Pricing. Superior Mechanical plumbers provide trustworthy, up-front pricing and won’t try to sell you a product or service that you don’t need. We always provide you with the price of the work before we start, so that you’ll have no hidden or surprise fees.
  • Trusted Plumbers and Technicians. Not only do we offer great prices, but we also offer superior service. Summers’ plumbers have a reputation for friendly and high-quality service, which is why first-time customers often become customers for life.
  • 24 Hour Service. Any day and any time, you can always call us with your emergency plumbing repair needs. Our plumbers and technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in a timely manner with any plumbing problem that may happen.

Contact us for your emergency plumbing repair services today. Keep yourself one step ahead of your plumbing emergencies and avoid the need for emergency plumbing repair by scheduling your preventative plumbing maintenance – Give us a call at (336) 498-7609, and we’ll help you get started!

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