Keep Cool with AC Maintenance

Out of all of our Greensboro HVAC repair services, there’s perhaps one service that trumps them all when it comes to keeping the whole house or property cool during the hot spring and summer months. That service? Air conditioner maintenance.

By regularly scheduling AC maintenance for your HVAC machine, you can save thousands on unnecessary air conditioner, heater, or general HVAC repair costs down the road. And when you schedule AC system maintenance with the premier company for heating and cooling systems in Greensboro, optimal performance from your residential or commercial AC unit is guaranteed month after month!

Why is AC maintenance so important?

Like most machines designed to last for years, your HVAC unit comes equipped with many moving parts. Be it the condenser, the filters, the heat pump, the coils, the fins, or another part of the machine, each individual component needs TLC in order to make sure it serves you well for as long as you need it to.

AC maintenance is so important because it’s a hands-on, in-depth service that allows a technician to spot and rectify any issues with a unit before the issue becomes too costly or too serious to fix with ease. Much like an oil change for a car, done right, regular AC maintenance doesn’t take a long time, but it is invaluable in making sure all parts of your machine run smoothly.

In Greensboro, neglecting maintenance for your air conditioner can spell serious trouble if and when the machine begins to operate inefficiently due to both the heat and cold weather we experience here. Inefficient air flow from your unit can not only decrease your at-home comfort level and indoor air quality– but it can also increase energy use, as the machine exerts more and more effort to compensate for broken, misaligned, or worn parts. The higher your energy use, the higher your bill– and that’s never any fun.

Fortunately, the same is true in reverse. By regularly maintaining your HVAC unit and all of its components, you can decrease energy use and lower your bills in even the hottest and coldest of months.

What does AC maintenance entail?

AC maintenance involves routinely checking and optimizing the performance of your AC unit by both observing and running tests designed to highlight any inefficiencies in your unit’s operation.

In detail, the AC service we provide typically includes checking refrigeration, inspecting oil motors, evaporator coils and belts for rust or corrosion, measuring airflow, checking for and stopping any seal duct leaks, and cleaning and tightening electrical connections in electric terminals.

At Superior Mechanical, we believe that preventative maintenance is the key to optimal performance for all machines, which means we take as much pride in services like air conditioning maintenance as we do in the air conditioning and heating repair services we’ve been offering here in Greensboro since 1980. 

Can I perform maintenance on my own air conditioner unit?

Yes, and no! Maintenance of your air conditioner unit itself is something that’s typically best left to a professional HVAC contractor, due to the number of dangerous elements involved in the operation of your machine. However, you can follow several best practices that, when combined with regular, professional maintenance of your unit, can greatly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner system.

Some of the best practices you can follow to ensure efficiency of your air conditioning unit include:

  • Relying on natural ventilation when possible (or opening windows when it’s cool out).
  • Using fans throughout your home to keep cool air circulating.
  • Insulating cracks, crevices, walls, doors, and windows to prevent cool air from escaping.
  • Utilizing a programmable thermostat (or, if possible, a smart thermostat).
  • Installing “energy-efficient window coverings” that let natural light in while preventing overheating of the room.

While this in no way an exhaustive list of all the best practices you can employ for your system, the great part about following these best practices in particular is that many of them don’t just work to prolong the life of your air conditioning system– but they can also reduce Greensboro energy bills quite a bit!

Is professional HVAC maintenance necessary for my AC system?

While some aspects of AC maintenance can be done independently, some of the most common problems our Greensboro techs often find in our AC repair services come from DIY-ers that have erroneously put something together, taken something apart, or messed up a process. 

We always recommend professional AC maintenance from a licensed service technician for HVAC machines because it takes experienced hands to make sure HVAC equipment consistently operates at peak performance. While there are some simple practices an individual can safely and effectively follow on his or her own (such as replacing the air filter, trimming any grass or shrubbery around the outside unit, and regulating thermostat use while inside the home), much of the heavy lifting is best left to a professional that can safely navigate all of the moving parts of your machine.

At Superior Mechanical, our HVAC repair and maintenance specialists have years of experience assessing, maintaining, and fixing HVAC machines and can easily keep even the most complex of machines running like new. Additionally, when you trust a professional HVAC company like us, any HVAC parts that need replacing will come from certified distributors that we personally work with to ensure the highest quality products and best bang for our clients’ bucks. 

What makes our AC maintenance services different

The way we see it, your HVAC unit isn’t just an air conditioner or a heat pump. It’s your ticket to comfort. And just like our HVAC repair process, the air conditioner service we perform for every HVAC unit focuses on two things: quality and efficiency. Our AC maintenance and HVAC repair experts are licensed and certified in their craft, and take pride in the work they provide for each customer. 

Like other companies, we focus on our bottom line. The difference? Our bottom line is always to serve you and give your HVAC unit the maintenance it needs to perform excellently year-round!

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