High Point, NC HVAC Repair

High Point, NC is known for a lot. Great schools. Lots of things to do. Southern charm. And heat. A whole lot of heat. In fact, with an average high of 90 degrees in July, High Point reaches some of the highest temperatures in the nation.

Here at Superior Mechanical, we specialize in HVAC repair, HVAC preventative maintenance, and all other heating and air needs for High Point residents and businesses. Our HVAC contractors are local to the area, and understand how the topography, weather patterns, and property builds impact the efficiency of even the most complicated heating and cooling systems. Our job is to keep the residents of High Point, NC cool in the summer months, warm in the winter months, and comfortable year round. We’ve been providing the region’s best heating and cooling services for years now, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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Considering HVAC preventative maintenance

When your air conditioning and heating systems are working well, scheduling routine maintenance is usually the last thing on your mind. But if and when your HVAC unit malfunctions due to lack of maintenance, you could be in for some serious expenses.

It is important to consider HVAC maintenance for your home or business regardless of how new your HVAC system is, or whether you’ve needed it in the past. Along with preventing issues from becoming unnecessary HVAC repair expenses, regular HVAC maintenance can:

  • Ensure your air conditioning and heating are operating as efficiently as they should be.
  • Lower your energy bills by reducing the amount of energy needed for your machines to operate.
  • Identify potential money saving opportunities in your current indoor air flow setup.
  • Prevent your thermostats from improper readings that could lead to improper calibration of your HVAC system.

There are a host of other benefits of HVAC preventative maintenance, and many stem from the unique weather we experience here in High Point. Both incredibly cold in the winter and incredibly warm in the summer, condensers, heat pumps, fans, evaporator coils and more are more prone to failure in our specific North Carolina environment than in many other cities around the country. When you opt for preventative maintenance before issues start, you mitigate the likelihood of having to deal with what many others have come to simply accept. The way we see it, the job of a business owner or a homeowner shouldn’t involve shelling out hard earned cash for problems that didn’t have to happen. The job of a business owner or homeowner is to be comfortable. With preventative maintenance, our HVAC technicians make that possible.

If you own or operate a business, the absence of air or heat in the dog days of summer or the cold High Point winters can lead to a massive loss of revenue for your business. This can be prevented with routine maintenance that identifies and solves issues before they spiral out of control. And as far as homeowners are concerned, regular maintenance means you won’t have to sacrifice your home comfort level to compensate for something breaking or malfunctioning. 

Our trained technicians know the High Point area

When we’re responding to HVAC repair requests, one of the complaints we often here is that “the other guys” fixed one thing and broke another. While we can’t definitively say why that might be the case, we can say that there’s a lot of good that comes from bringing on experienced air conditioning repair experts that are local to the area. In fact, one of the reasons we hire contractors and technicians from the immediate areas we service is that they’re much more familiar with weak points in air conditioning systems and heating systems that are unique to the High Point neck of the woods. We’ve found that when we hire trained, knowledgeable, licensed contractors that also happen to know the area, we’re able to cut back tremendously on time wasted trying to find solutions to HVAC issues– which means we can charge our customers less, address issues more quickly, and make sure each customer’s HVAC unit is operating as well as it possibly can be in less time than it would take another HVAC company to do the same.

We make HVAC service easy

Along with providing emergency air conditioner service and heating service for High Point residents 24/7, our Superior Mechanical team makes the entire maintenance and repair process as easy as possible for our customers. Our pricing is fair and transparent, a service technician is always available if needed for emergency service any time of day or night, and we place a premium on using quality products in all of our work to ensure that what we repair won’t be broken again anytime soon. We believe your HVAC contractor should be trustworthy, well trained, and proud of the work he does. And we echo that belief on every home and property we work on.

Our services never put the cart before the horse

While other companies may spend their time focusing on fulfilling a wide range of home and business property needs, our team knows exactly what the good folks of High Point, NC appreciate– dedication to our craft. With that said, we stick to doing a few things really well. We provide residential and commercial HVAC maintenance. We repair HVAC systems, air conditioning systems, heating systems, ductwork, and more. And we give fair, reliable, service stamped with a satisfaction guarantee.

In everything that we do, we focus on the little things. Whether it’s topping off refrigerant or clearing debris out of the heat pump, we do whatever it takes to get you feeling comfortable in your home or business as fast as possible. To us, providing good service for a heating and cooling system doesn’t have to be expensive, drawn out, or rare. It should, simply put, be an everyday occurrence. The people of High Point, North Carolina are hardworking, good, honest people, that deserve the best business we can offer them. And it’s our goal to offer them the very best in heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance for as long as we’re around!


What Clients Say

"Great company great service they did a great job the gentlemen knew exactly what to do and I am so thankful. I would highly recommend them for any size job."

Glenna H

"Fast service good tech solved my problem got heat fixed"

David H

"If there was 10 stars that's what the guys deserve, worked on a outdated commercial building for days"

William T

" Carl came out and did a more then excellent job. I was very pleased with his job performance. Now i am aware of work needed on my air system. Thank you"

Terry T