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As Greensboro’s premier HVAC contractors for over a decade, heating and air isn’t just a business to us. It’s what we do, day in, and day out. 

At Superior Mechanical, we know Greensboro, NC, we know HVAC systems, and we know what it takes to maintain both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. This makes us uniquely qualified to provide Greensboro’s residents and businesses with affordable, comprehensive service for all heating and air maintenance needs. 

Whether you’re not feeling cool air during the summer months, the heater isn’t warm enough during the winter, or you’re just concerned about your ventilation system, you can trust our qualified, local contractors to fix any issues promptly, safely, and effectively. Additionally, we provide top notch preventative maintenance services for homeowners and businesses looking to keep their heating and air conditioning units in top shape for years to come.

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Greensboro’s climate and your HVAC unit

With inconsistent weather patterns that fluctuate seemingly daily, Greensboro, NC residents and businesses rely on solid output from their air conditioners and heating machines to keep them comfortable year-round. This makes regular AC and heating maintenance and routine HVAC service even more important for this area of the state. 

Aside from the frequency of HVAC use in Greensboro as compared to other cities, the Greensboro region is also notorious for its humidity, particularly in the summer months. Contrary to popular belief, humidity doesn’t just make us uncomfortable-- it also makes the machines that keep us cool work much, much harder. When it’s humid outside, components like the condenser coils, fans, and compressors have to work extra hard to compensate for what feels like extra heat. If you’ve experienced a Greensboro summer before, you may have noticed condensation on your windows during the warmest of days. This is an indicator that your HVAC unit is losing the battle with the humidity. An experienced HVAC contractor like the ones here at Superior Mechanical can assess any problems with individual components in your air conditioner and fix them to prevent this from happening. 

On the other side of things, Greensboro’s winters do get pretty cold, which makes heating maintenance a necessity. With the absence of humidity in the winter, many Greensboro business and homeowners may notice that it feels much colder inside their properties than it does outside. That’s because such like the humidity does during warmer summer months, the cold air from outside can seep into components like the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, thermostat, evaporator coils, and more. With proper and regular heating maintenance, the cold air inside a home can quickly be pushed out by effective heating.


Strategies to help your HVAC system endure Greensboro’s weather

Having provided heating maintenance, AC maintenance, and general HVAC services in Greensboro, NC for as long as we have, our team of trained technicians has uncovered a few tips and tricks to help get the most out of your air conditioner and heater year after year. When combined with the state of the art repair and maintenance service you can only get from a team like Superior Mechanical, these simple tips and tricks can ensure your residential HVAC or commercial HVAC unit lasts longer, works more efficiently, and, most importantly, keeps you cool or warm when you need it to.

  • Use fans to stay cool during the summer. In hotter months, the wind chill from a fan can help cool you down faster than air blowing from your vents. Fans also mean your AC unit doesn’t have to work so hard to cool off the building, because fans push circulate existing cool air around the room quite effectively.
  • Layer clothing when it’s cool outside. Putting on a long sleeve tee when you’re inside can keep you warm during the winter and decrease your inclination to turn the heat up all the way. The less your heating unit has to work to keep you warm, the longer it can last!
  • Keep your home’s temperature moderate. It actually doesn’t pay to crank up the air conditioning or the heat when it’s super hot or cold outside. Striving to maintain a constant temperature in your home instead allows your machine to  stay efficient even with significant weather changes!
  • Properly maintain your machine as often as possible. When you hire experienced contractors like us, your AC and heating maintenance concerns are covered-- but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do your part in practicing proper HVAC maintenance. Consider replacing your air filters every 90 days, trimming shrubbery and grass away from your outdoor unit, and clearing any debris from around the unit when you see it. Taking these simple, routine maintenance steps will help maintain your indoor air air quality and prevent the need for costly heating or air conditioning service down the road.

How our Greensboro HVAC Company Can Help You

We know heating and cooling systems in Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas, and we use our experience to provide unparalleled service to our Greensboro-based customers every day. We’re available 24 hours to respond to just about any emergency you may have in your home or building, and we always guarantee satisfaction first and foremost.

We entered the business of HVAC, AC, and heating repair service several years ago, and we started out of founder Joe Milikan’s garage. Now, with a 12,000 square foot facility and the manpower to service homes and businesses in a number of areas around the Triangle, we still remain devoted to the same quality, affordable service that defined us back then. We hire local, Greensboro based contractors to handle all HVAC repair and maintenance requests, and our leadership remains based in Greensboro to ensure we’re close to our customer base.

The way we see it, in order to be effective and efficient HVAC contractors, it’s important that we service the communities we know best. If you’re in Greensboro or the surrounding areas and need quality, affordable air and heating maintenance, general HVAC repair, ductwork inspections, emergency service and more, we’re only a call or a click away-- 24 hours a day!


What Clients Say

"Great company great service they did a great job the gentlemen knew exactly what to do and I am so thankful. I would highly recommend them for any size job."

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"Fast service good tech solved my problem got heat fixed"

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"If there was 10 stars that's what the guys deserve, worked on a outdated commercial building for days"

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" Carl came out and did a more then excellent job. I was very pleased with his job performance. Now i am aware of work needed on my air system. Thank you"

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