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Cooling Tower Systems Installation & Repair

The average person doesn’t come across a cooling tower very often, but they can be a confusing site if you’ve never seen one before. HVAC cooling towers look like a structure straight out of a futuristic movie. They are massive cylindrical towers that resemble the first half of an hourglass with what looks like steam rising out of the top. However, not all cooling towers are this big. Some are smaller and used by everyday businesses as a specialized heat exchanger that brings air and water in direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water’s temperature. Essentially, the water is evaporated as it circulates through the tower. Members of the general public may recall seeing cooling towers outside of nuclear power plants. However, most commercial cooling towers are much smaller, and do not have the iconic cone shape.

Types of cooling towers

Commercial cooling tower systems are manufactured with numerous sizes and applications. If you are unsure which cooling tower is the best choice for your facility, our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to advise you.

The most common type of cooling towers are:

  • Crossflow cooling towers: In crossflow cooling towers, water flows vertically through the fill while the air flows horizontally across the flow of the falling water. In these cooling tower designs, hot water is distributed to the fill by gravity through punctured basins sometimes supported by metering holes in the floor plate of the distribution basin.
  • Counterflow cooling towers: Counterflow cooling towers are designed so that air flows vertically upward, counter to the flow of falling water in the fill. These HVAC cooling towers use low-pressure spray nozzles to divide hot water evenly over the infill surface. A drift eliminator section above the water distribution rejects all the water in liquid form and keeps this in the circulating system.
  • Induced draft cooling towers: Induced draft cooling towers have fans that are typically mounted on top of the unit which pull air through the fill media. These are typically the most effective and economical types of commercial cooling tower systems.

In addition to commercial cooling tower installations, we are also certified to perform cooling tower repairs and upgrades.

Repairs and maintenance

Regular maintenance of your cooling towers will keep them in peak condition and ensure that your facilities will continue to run smoothly. We also offer upkeep for HVAC chillers. These are typically installed in smaller buildings because they require more ductwork than water-cooled chillers. They are refrigeration systems used to cool fluids or dehumidify air in both commercial and industrial facilities.

To find out more about our preventative cooling tower maintenance services, click here. No matter what kind of cooling tower design your office or business has, we offer a handful of annual, bi-annual, and quarterly service packages that will safeguard your cooling tower HVAC and industrial HVAC cooling tower systems against any unexpected emergencies. Super Mechanical will make sure they are routinely inspected, cleaned, and repaired so you always have a cool environment to work in.

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Very dependable and came out exactly at the time they stated they would. They know what they are doing and will try to save you money. Very knowledgable business and I'm glad they were able to fix my broken AC!

Jean H.


Jean H.

Very dependable and came out exactly at the time they stated they would. They know what they are doing and will try to save you money. Very knowledgable business and I'm glad they were able to fix my broken AC!

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