Absorption Chillers

Superior Mechanical offers reliable and efficient absorption chillers throughout North Carolina

Absorption chillers offer a non-compressor chilling system by using heat to propel the chilling cycle. At Superior Mechanical our experts install, repair, and maintain absorption chillers through North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more! 

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Absorption Chiller Services in NC

Here at Superior Mechanical Inc., we offer various heating and cooling solutions to our greater Triad area commercial customers, one of which is absorption chiller installation and maintenance. 

What Role Does an Absorption Chiller Serve?

An absorption chiller is key to preserving your large industrial or commercial facility's cool temp, which isn't only critical when it's hot outside here in North Carolina, but when your line of work demands a cool climate year-round to ensure continued optimal performance of machinery or equipment you utilize every day. 

Absorption chillers utilize heat to drive the industrial refrigeration cycle. Unlike other types of chillers, absorption chillers do not use compressors.

These chillers are available in several different types, but they all work under a similar principle; they use steam or hot water when pumping the lithium bromide during the refrigeration cycle. Absorption chillers dissolve a vapor in an absorbent and transfer the resulting product to a higher-pressure environment using a pump with very low electricity consumption. The chilled water that absorption chillers generate helps with energy consumption reduction. Aside from lowering energy costs, this is also an environmentally sound option.

Research laboratories, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and data centers are a few examples of the types of facilities that have requested our company's services for system design, building, and installing absorption chillers. 

Different Types of Absorption Cycle Chillers We Service in North Carolina

There isn't just one type of absorption chiller on the market, but instead, various varieties. Some of the most popular types include:

Steam Fired Absorption Chillers

These are often used in industrial buildings or commercial spaces where there's an excess amount of heat produced. A power plant is an example of a location that commonly uses an absorption chiller, also known as an absorber. 

In the case of steam-powered absorption chillers, a generator is responsible for heating the industrial water and lithium bromide solution, which causes separation. The residual water becomes vaporized and then passes into industrial cooling systems’ condensers.

As a result of this vaporization process, a condenser’s cooling coils convert warm water vapors into water, the condenser water becomes a liquid refrigerant. Any heat transmitted by the generator can cause the condensing process to fail. 

After condensing units do their job, the next stage of the steam-fueled absorption chiller process occurs. The condensed water vapors fuel the evaporator into a vacuum. The cold refrigerant crosses over the tubes and boils quickly due to pressure and low temperature. There are low water temperature boiling points and low pressure during this evaporative cooling stage. This boil and evaporation process causes latent heat to be absorbed.

Finally, the absorption chiller comes into play. During the absorption cycle, the air-cooled chiller absorbs the residual processed water vapor back into the lithium bromide. Once the chiller finishes absorbing the water, the cooling process cycle described above repeats itself again. 

Gas Fired Absorption Chillers

Often utilized in feeding air handlers, gas turbine-fired absorbers are a type of absorption cooling chiller. Gases that these run off of include liquid ammonia, lithium bromide, and natural gas. 

How Lithium Bromide Gas Absorption Chillers Work

With absorption chillers of this type, water serves as the refrigerant, whereas lithium bromide functions as the absorbent. 

How Ammonia-Based Gas Absorption Chillers Work

In this case, ammonia acts as the refrigerant gas, whereas water is the absorbent. The ammonia used is moreso a solution, which is commonly referred to in our industry as:

  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Ammonia water
  • Aqueous ammonia

Absorption Chiller Installation in NC 

Absorption chillers fall under the umbrella of customized cooling and heating solutions. In other words, prospective customers looking to install steam or water-powered absorption chiller at their Piedmont Triad facility must generally discuss their industrial process or commercial operations with us so that we can come up with a solution to meet their facility's needs. 

Insight that our Superior Mechanical team gains from these discussions are whether you need single-stage or two-stage or double-effect absorption chiller operations at your North Carolina commercial or industrial facility. 

Once our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers and skilled mechanical technicians confirm you need an absorption chiller, finding the right model and size for your specific application is vital. Contact our experts to find out if an absorption chiller is right for your business so that, if it is, we can get to work on building that custom cooling and heating systems equipment for your North Carolina facility.

Absorption Chiller Repair and Service

If you are in the market for industry-leading absorption chiller technology, Superior Mechanical is here for you. No matter what kind of chiller system you have, we offer a handful of service packages that can help to protect your industrial HVAC system and commercial chiller against unexpected emergencies.

Our Superior Mechanical absorption chiller technicians are all factory-trained to perform preventative maintenance, which includes both preseason and annual inspections. During those inspections, we ensure your equipment is properly cleaned and well-maintained so you can have confidence in knowing that it will continue running perfectly. 

The service technicians who work for us here at Superior Mechanical, Inc. are also well-versed in performing absorption chiller maintenance and repairs, both minor and major, including: 

  • Absorption chiller pump inspection, repair, and rebuilds
  • Scale deposit removal
  • Complete absorption chiller unit replacement

If you’re not sure what type of commercial chiller you need for your application, our team at Superior Mechanical is more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you decide. Choosing the perfect chiller system for your space isn’t something that just any HVAC installer or service technician will understand. 

An understanding of chillers, whether one's talking about absorption, modular, or centrifugal chillers, is a subspecialty within the heating and cooling system industry. Technicians who operate in this heating and air conditioning systems space are uniquely trained to install and repair an absorption refrigeration system like this. You, therefore, shouldn't trust just anyone with your cooling unit needs. 

Contact us at Superior Mechanical today to discuss our chiller options and our comprehensive service packages. We can help you get your North Carolina absorption chiller project underway with a short turnaround or get service scheduled on your existing North Carolina unit right away.


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