Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips and Tactics

Air Conditioner Efficiency

Depending on where you live in the world it is almost guaranteed that you will need an air conditioner unit in your home. From air conditioner units that require window installation to central air conditioning systems, there is no way around owning one if your goal is to live comfortably during warm months of the year. While air conditioning units are considered modern home appliances, air conditioning units continue to evolve both in usability as well as energy consumption and usage. With that said, we will focus on energy efficiency and how it relates to air conditioning.

There are several areas to consider when discussing air conditioner energy efficiency and how it relates to unit maintenance and cost of ownership. Those areas consist of startup cost, long term costs or total cost of ownership, the energy costs associated with running and powering the unit, as well as costs associated with replacement parts, and part upgrades. These factors should all play into the consumer’s mindset when performing research on an air conditioning unit or central air conditioning system they wish to purchase.

A good air conditioning unit will last anywhere from 10 – 15 years. The lifespan of a central air conditioning unit may be reduced if its capacity is not properly calibrated to match the air cooling load of the home as well as improper usage of the unit. Constantly turning the air conditioning unit on and off will create excessive wear to the unit’s dials thus potentially causing the unit to malfunction down the road and either requiring a new air conditioning unit to be purchased or important parts and components needing to be replaced. This can cause even more problems, including excessive wear on the air conditioning unit’s compressor. The compressor is generally the most expensive component on any air conditioning unit. Not operating the unit correctly can create a situation where the unit will break down and the cost for repair is high or would require a totally new unit to be purchased.

New air conditioning units range greatly as it pertains to price. Air conditioning units that are mounted in a window generally cost anywhere from $120 to $400 while central air conditioning systems will cost on average $5,500 or may cost anywhere from $3,700 to $7,300. Total cost will depend on the actual unit selected for purchase, the cost to install as well as any additional items that may be required. Central conditioning unit installation and the cost to perform an installation will need to be factored in since home’s air ducts and some larger homes with complicated air duct systems can cost as much as $10,000 for the total unit to be purchased and installed.

With all of these costs it is very important to ensure that you are factoring in long terms costs and considering areas to save money. Energy efficient air conditioning units are the best options to consider since it will save money in the long run. Purchasing an energy efficient unit is not the only method for saving energy costs. How you manage and use the unit will also be a factor.

Here are some air conditioning management recommendations that you may follow to both increase the energy efficiency of the unit as well as extending the lifespan of your air conditioning unit or system.

  • During the warmer months of the year, set your unit to match the ideal thermostat temperature. This can be anywhere from 72 – 78 degrees and will help manage air cooling costs.
  • At nighttime and if the air is cooler, takes steps to turn the unit off and open the windows. Not only will this save on energy costs but the nice cool breeze will help air the home out and clear out allergens and dust.
  • Try keeping lights off when you are not in a room. The heat from these lights will require the air conditioning unit to work to cool that area off.
  • Program your air conditioners thermostat to turn itself off for a short period of time when no one is home and program the unit to turn itself back on at a certain time before you are going to come home to ensure the home is cool and comfortable for your arrival. No need to cool off a home when no one is there.
  • Install ceiling fans if you don’t already have them. Ceiling fans will help circulate air in the home. Using ceiling fans in conjunction with an air conditioning unit can help drive cool air down to the ground and the cool air won’t linger over head where it is not cooling you.
  • Ensure that the location where the ac unit will rest is well insulated and sealed. Poorly sealed window air conditioning units will let in hot air and make your ac unit work harder than it needs too.
  • Always make sure that your air conditioning unit’s filters are clean as well as your homes air ducts when running a central cooling ac unit. Wipe down your air vents and make sure to rinse the ac filter. This will ensure that the air conditioning unit continues to run efficiently and smoothly.

Follow these air conditioning tips and you will enhance the lifespan of your home cooling unit, decrease energy costs as well as help preserve energy as well as helping you save money.

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