HVAC Commissioning

HVAC commissioning is a one-time investment that can create major costs savings over the lifespan of your equipment. Our technicians will perform a thorough, comprehensive assessment of your commercial HVAC system to determine which repairs and upgrades are necessary. HVAC commissioning can reduce your operating and maintenance costs, improve the comfort of a building’s occupants, and extend the life of your machinery.

Heating engineer repairman in boiler room

Which projects require HVAC commissioning?

HVAC commissioning replicates various operating conditions and determines if your system responds appropriately. Any performance issues will be recorded, diagnosed, and resolved on-site. Once complete, the system will have been verified to be in perfect working order.

Any critical HVAC system should receive regular commissioning. In addition, commissioning should be performed for any project that involves automatic mechanical control, such as:

  • Heating or air conditioning unit replacements
  • Heating or cooling upgrades
  • Replacement or installation of automatic valves or dampers
  • Installation or replacement of fans, heating and ventilation units, or duct heaters

Advantages of HVAC commissioning

Commissioning your HVAC equipment has the following advantages:

  • Documentation of your current system operation.
  • Elimination of risk for equipment breakdowns.
  • Reduction of maintenance service requests and work orders.
  • Reduction of overall energy usage and costs.
  • Extension of facility and equipment life.
  • Identification of operational and maintenance enhancement options.
  • Increased mechanical efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality.

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